The truth about road construction at Aba

By FactNews on 15/01/2017

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Even Satan will not say Governor Ikpeazu has not done many roads at Aba. So when you read our people complain or demand for road A or B to be reconstructed please understand them.


No matter how many roads a government has done I will still possibly say the govt has done nothing if the road to my house or my father's house is yet to be done. Especially when I sense that the govt in power is a listening one that is conscious of its responsibilities to me as a voter.
While someone living at Ohanku road will certainly say the govt has not done any road, will the man living at Ehere, Kamalu or Umuola say the same?


Bottom line is that democracy is working in Abia and folks know they have a listening Governor with strong presence at social media. They are merely asking for more, when they post pictures of yet to be done roads. 


To bring Aba to the envisaged level by Governor Ikpeazu, at least 400 Aba roads must be fixed within 4 years. While there is the will and determination to fix the roads, marching funds are not available.

There are at least 70 roads at Aba under reconstruction or already reconstructed by Governor Ikpeazu within the first 20 months of his administration . All the roads done by Governor Ikpeazu come with gutters and properly channeled to an already opened up drainage pipe. Many were done using Rigid Pavement (Cement) Technology 
To my brothers living at Ohanku and Obohia roads, let us start loading thunder to fire NDDC for abandoning the work and/or refusing to pay their contractors so they can return to site. If they fail to pay their contractors and mobilize to site this dry season, that thunder should release fire because Abia is an oil producing state and should not be shortchanged by NDDC.


I am beginning to suspect that NDDC is conniving with the Federal Government to under develop Abia. Just like the federal government, they tie up our roads in contracts, abandon the contracts and make it legally impossible for the state government to fix our key roads.  That's how they tied up Ohanku, Obohia, PH road, Aba-Ikot Ekpene, Umuahia-Ikot Ekpene etc.


Almost all NDDC and federal government road contracts in Abia are failed or failing contracts yet to be delivered for years. Even the Abia portion of Enugu-PH express road that they awarded to Arab contractor is part of the nonsense.


Every dry season Arab contractor will appear on site and start playing games till the rains return and they exit. They don't deliver more than 1km per year and if you doubt me check if they have done the express road waste dump area along Aba-Umuahia portion where they dumped concrete for 3 years now. Also check if there is a continuous 2km of good road between Umuahia and Aba via the express road since that contract was awarded.
But God pass them and Thunder dey load...


Feel free to post pictures of bad roads around your area and be assured that it will be attended to as funds become more available. Those whose areas have been done or currently under the impact of Okezie caterpillars, thank God for your good fortunes. I hope you know that Abia civil servants made sacrifices for your beautiful Ehere, Umuola, Kamalu, Omni, Owerri road etc to be fixed.
If the Governor had used his average N2b allocation to promptly pay civil servants their monthly wage bill of N2.65b (down from over N3b as at May 2015) you won't have those roads already done at Aba, Umuahia, Abiriba etc.


May God bless our civil servants for their sacrifices. I hear that they have started smiling from the IMF refunds and a whispering bird told me they will continue to smile twice every month until their sacrifices are fully repaid.


Emesia o ga adi nma.

John Okiyi Kalu


Posted on January, 15 2017

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