Cop killing is a deadly virus

By John Okiyi Kalu on

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One reason HIV remains an incurable deadly disease is that the virus attacks the human defense system whose job is to protect humans from attacks by viruses, bacteria and other invading pathogens. To worsen the matter, it attacks the defenders quietly and slowly with their deadly activities detected only when the human defense system begins to release weakened counter attackers to the virus.

Attacking the police makes you a virus in the mould of HIV. Regardless of the unfortunately senseless killing of blacks by white police officers, there is no justification to shoot policemen, as happened in Dallas and Louisiana. The police are like your immune defenders against deadly criminals.

It is suicidal to kill police officers and the idiocy of the thinking behind such attacks was demonstrated in Baton Rouge Louisiana when the murderous idiot called 911 purportedly to report a crime and started shooting the officers who responded. One of his victims was a black police officer, Montrell Jackson, and the other dead 2 were also immigrants. (Their names suggest Latino or Hispanic origin).

How can you kill a black cop to defend black lives? Does that make sense?

You can bet that every policeman in US is jittery and scared currently. They wear uniforms and would be criminals know them but they don't know which black person wants to shoot them next. Every black man is now potentially a cop killer because of the idiocy of two black men.

Responding to emergencies is now very dangerous and police officers now have to prepare and mobilize in numbers before they can respond to 911 calls. Especially at black neighborhoods. The consequences include that genuine help seekers whose lives depend on speedy emergency response will suffer or even die.

When the defense system is attacked by those it should protect only "pathogens" like armed robbers, rapists, kidnappers, terrorists etc benefit.

Those supporting what they described as "fighting back" need to sit down and think. Are you ready to die as a result of the idiocy of another?

Make no mistake about this: I see killer cops as equally unfit to wear the uniform. There is no justification to kill or maltreat those you were hired to protect. Black Americans are Americans and they equally pay taxes to sustain the state, including your salary as a cop. Why should a police officer target blacks for maltreatment or murder? And yet they find ways to escape from punishment through judicial loopholes.

I strongly doubt that there are real stats showing that blacks are more prone to violent crimes than whites, Arabs or Hispanics. They might be more prone to "petty" crimes like domestic violence and drug dealing but certainly not gun violence; at a scale that profiles them as existential dangers to cops that must be murdered without second thoughts.

For the black community in US, it is time to send your children to school. Not shooting ranges and gyms as potential body guards. Black brains are not inferior to white brains; the difference is education. Teach your children to also learn to be respectful to law enforcement agents and stop assuming threatening postures or abusing officers.

It is unfortunate that police violence is on the rise at a time a black man is president of the United States. That the only response of that president is political correctness should teach us some home truths. Frankly, therein lies the weakness of the politics of blacks in US. Gearing up to deliver block votes to an Obama clone called Hillary Clinton will only make your situation worse. She is as white as Trump and if you know your history well you will remember that she backed her husband when he threw thousands of blacks to jail to assert his whiteness.

It was Bill Clinton that proposed the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 and guided it through congress. The welfare and crime laws were passed with Hillary’s support and lobbying efforts and the consequence included  jailing thousands of blacks harshly for drug related offenses. When Clinton took office in 1993 the prison population in the U.S. was roughly 855,000. When he left office eight years laterit exceeded 2 million. Today, under Obama, it is about 2.25 million, and 4.7 million more citizens are on parole or probation. American total “Correctional Population” is nearly seven million citizens. Most of them are black, and minor drug offenses are by far the most common.

Donald Trump played no role.

What is wrong with giving Hillary 55% of your votes and the remainder to Trump? I am yet to read a single anti-Blacks comments or action from Trump. The closest is his reported call to African leaders to stop looting their people dry and stay more at home to solve problems instead of junketing to America and Europe. Are you against that?

Why the open hatred against Trump when you have an opportunity to build bridges? Do you even know that Hillary's presidency will mean more of same policies in Africa? Can any of you point to any benefit Africa or African Americans have derived from Obama or Clinton beyond using them as political pawns?

Emotionalism is not the way to go, my people. You are casting emotional votes and responding to security challenges emotionally. Revenge against cops is an emotional response that equates blacks to suicide bombers. Two black men shot and killed police officers and one was blown to pieces with a bomb while the other was shot to shreds without any chance to surrender. Are you proud of that?

Let us pray that no other Black copy cat shoots police officers in US again. Just as we are praying that no police officer murders a black man again. Truth is that if another shooting, involving a black person (either way) occurs again, racial relationship in US might just be over stretched and "HIV" will turn to full blown "AIDS".



Posted on July, 18 2016

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