APC should focus before it is late

By John Okiyi Kalu on

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If you review current social media updates of most Buhari supporters it will be clear to you that they only care about one agenda: demonizing Jonathan. From morning to night it is "Jonathan this Jonathan that" as if our current President has added "Jonathan" to his names. Don't you guys know how to transit from opposition to ruling party? Is it difficult to learn how to push a government you support to get to work for the people?

Who will explain to these guys that elections have been lost and won? When are they going to start talking about projects initiated by Buhari; road constructions, uninterrupted power supply, working rail lines, housing for the poor, new industries, qualitative education for all, youth empowerment, agricultural improvements, modern hospitals, new airports, new sea ports etc? Or has Jonathan done all there is to do in Nigeria?

I ask because all we read from the Buhari camp are reviews of Jonathan's regime initiated projects that they either want to appropriate or criticize. When will Buhari start initiating projects? Political honeymoons end after 100 days in office and we have done more than 80 days already. People are getting hungrier and angrier and might soon start wishing that Jonathan, with all his strengths and weaknesses, returns as President immediately. You can't feed the hungry on "I am fighting corruption" because you can fight corruption and still initiate projects. Especially if you understand how to fight corruption through strengthening institutions as against fighting individuals.

We are tired of reading what Jonathan did or did not do. Please tell us what Buhari is doing and give us hope. We want to read about unemployment benefits paid by Buhari's regime as promised. We want to read about ultra modern medical facilities that will end medical tourism abroad. Tell us about the program to send Nigerians to the moon from Nigeria. What about improvements in electronic security as against "shoot em all" security mentality of the 70s?

Most great projects have as much as 4 years execution window and I hope Buharists are not planning to come back in 2019 and list projects in the pipeline to us. We sure will dump them into the political pipeline to flow from north to south instead of south to north.

Suddenly Buharists have gone mute on transparent public declaration of assets and no longer care that our first lady who has changed job title to "wife of the President" now has a Special Assistant paid for by tax payers. She even maintains a full office like the wife of President Jonathan that we despised and party leaders now kow tow to her as witnessed during the Amaechi Abuja reception. We have even added office of first son and first daughter to the mix with the son gearing to become our alternative President,  ably assisted by his mother and Kaduna state Governor El Rufai. Na so?

I know someone said "the more things change the more they become the same" but let us read about whatever constitutes change to APC supporters. As I type this, billions are still being paid as oil subsidies and fuel price is not yet N40/liter as promised. Was the change mantra another political 419 aimed at only changing the place of origin of Nigeria's President? Isn't there something tangible we can hold unto beside Jonathan this and that?

Soon you guys will be tired of "Jonathan this Jonathan that" and wake up to the reality that Jonathan is relaxing at Otueke and might soon resume at a foreign University as a lecturer. May be then you will agree that lying about Chinese loan diversion without reading details of the facility is the stuff semi illiterate labour activists turned APC Harvard economists are made of. Such rabble rousing should only be associated with parties in opposition because ruling parties engage qualified professionals to review and speak on issues of state. Winning a governorship election and marrying a semi-oyibo wife does not make one an economic expert.

APC's four years started counting since May 29th and please don't come to us in 2019 to tell us that abusing Jonathan was your party's supreme achievement. Nobody forced you to promise to eradicate Boko Haram within one month even when common sense says that was impossible unless you are the founder/owner of the terror organization. You voluntarily promised to eradicate poverty in Nigeria and the gullible ones among us believed you without noting that even our Lord Jesus Christ said "the poor will always be with you".

Oruola na omume!!!
Make una focus o...wise up o....even 4 years will soon end.

APC....CHANGE your ways from permanent opposition party to ruling party before we chase you out of Aso Rock in 2019. Clock is ticking.....


Posted on August, 16 2015

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