I support honest probe of Jonathan's administration

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If Buhari says he wishes to probe Jonathan's regime I don't see how that is a problem of any kind. Please by all means allow him to do so. Jonathan had 4 years to probe all past regimes before him and he chose another course possibly because of his ambition to get  four more years as President. As much as we love Jonathan we should not expect him to eat his cake and have it. Unfortunately even the 4 more years project he couldn't execute with surgical precision that some of us expected. How on earth will a man have power and refuse to use power even for his own good?

Power punishes those who had it and fail to use it as necessary.

I am fairly certain that Jonathan will not personally worry about a probe. He appears to be a simple enough man who does not want heaven and earth. Those that will be worried are the same people who betrayed him during the polls and his name and our love for him should not be used to shield them.

If Buhari wants to probe allow him to do so and possibly put that out as his administration's major achievement. Jonathan can show his transformation projects as his own achievement. Every government chooses it's own agenda and a failed government is not one that didn't do everything but one that fails to follow it's own agenda. Buhari emerged from the anti-corruption agenda and need to deliver on that. I support whatever he chooses to do altruistically to achieve his anti-corruption agenda.

Those who are worried about the probe must be those who did something wrong or supported looting of our collective patrimony. Let everyone answer his fathers name and clear his name as an individual. Don't hide under "persecution of Jonathan" to cover your sins against Nigerians. O metara buru is the name of the game and the option of quietly returning your loot remains available.

Please don't tell me about "witch hunting" because if you are a witch you must be hunted down. The Bible says "suffer not a witch to live". Hunting down a witch is legitimate scriptural engagement and looters are socio-economic witches to the rest of us.

My only concern is that people should not be tainted with outlandish and unfounded allegations that cannot be proved in court. Every corruption case lost by EFCC will be an indictment on Buhari and his team, going forward. It will also remind us of 1983-1985. Where the government does not have enough facts to prosecute a man they should not drag his/her name to the mud because someone does not like his/her politics or share same religion with him. Nigerians will fight back if we sense that.

I am fully with President Buhari on this and pray he carries out an extensive probe without ethnic, partisan or religious bias.

Nobody should give himself headache over "probing all past regimes". The same people who were in Jonathan's administration were also in YarAdua, Obasanjo, Abdussalam, Abacha, IBB and even Buhari's former and current regimes. If we probe Jonathan's regime well all of them will enter slammer, if they are guilty. A properly started anti-corruption fire can even consume those who started it if the wind blows in the right direction.

Mr President, if you are serious with this probe thing and not just making populist noise please sack all the lawyers prosecuting for EFCC currently and ask to know how they all became fabulously rich from acting as prosecutors that should jail corrupt people. Why is it that every lawyer or judge that handled a high profile corruption case ends up becoming fabulously rich whereas no "big man" is currently in a Nigerian jail because of corruption?

I want to even read that bankers who aided looters are locked down with them. They are witches too. Mr President should also not protect those who looted and donated some to his presidential campaign. Jail them first as a show of good faith because we know that many of the Presido's public and private funders were at some point part of the Jonathan regime. That Robin Hood stole and donated some to the "poor" does not change the fact that Robin Hood was a thief.

Anyway, I wish Mr President well as I wait to see if he has enough non-prostrate infected balls to probe Jonathan's regime. If he bares enough good testicles I will help watch his back. But if I smell ethnic or religious agenda, I will show the world how to handle tough talking but gutless leaders. Na today?

Happy Sunday Mr President jare. Hope no fellow man has proposed marriage to you since you arrived Obama's homoland. Make sure you don't laugh with Obama too much before he will start shouting "Yo men I love this nigga called Boohaari...will you marry me my Boo?"

Onye gba oso from probe......"guilty as charged".


Posted on July, 20 2015

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