I really want Buhari to succeed (Part 1)

By John Okiyi Kalu on 26/06/2015

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Frankly, I don't expect President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) to build this and that like Jonathan did. He built nothing between 1983 and 1985 and yet people applauded his regime. Truth be told, at his age, education and life experience there is very little you can build. Even forming a government is already an issue for him. And the situation has now been made worse by his inability to control the political contraption that was used to foist him as a President of Nigeria in 2015. APC lawmakers have gone hay wire and manifested as dully elected pugilists and thugs even without a desire to beat Manny Pacquiao's record of being a world acclaimed fighter and legislator in their manifesto.

But I know one thing Buhari can do very well. He can scare corrupt people with his reputation: real or imagined. If our President focuses on uprooting corruption alone without building anything I will gladly give him a pass mark and personally award him a certificate that will be more valuable than his missing WAEC result. I have never rated a leader on the basis of building this and that alone because I believe great leaders do not necessarily solve all problems but can focus and excel in one area of need and still be deemed successful. The most critical thing to me is for a leader to give hope to the people.

Fighting corruption should be a full time job in Nigeria and Africa. Such a job will consume every energy in the brain and body of a 72 year old. Ask younger Nuhu Ribadu how much personal energy he dissipated under Obasanjo's selective political witch hunting called anti corruption war. It almost consumed him, talk less of a 72 year old who has admitted that age is not on his side in this leadership journey.

Blame David Axelrod and the money controlled partisan block of Nigerian media that sold a President who should be resting in retirement to us as a man who will hit the ground running. Unfortunately for all of us Mr President has hit the ground and remained on the ground. How can a sensible people expect a 72 year old to hit the ground and run? With which legs? No wonder more than 11 weeks after his election he is yet to form a government.

With the national assembly now observing  fisticuffs recess for another 4 weeks it is clear that we won't have a government for at least another 4 weeks. President Muhammadu Buhari (PMB) will therefore continue to operate largely as a sole administrator of the executive branch with the majority of the members of the legislative branch in "sick beds" and the judiciary grappling with money generating election petition matters we should prepare for "empty" government as against empty treasury.

But all is not gloomy. The President can appoint SAs, heads of agencies including national assembly confirmable ones in acting capacity, boards etc  before he jets out to the white house to drink tea with Obama and may be learn how to form a government in a country with "empty treasury". If he focuses on fighting corruption, as the only agenda of his regime, he will make good progress and be remembered as the new foundation builder. Whoever succeeds him can then build on that foundation and relaunch us back to modern leadership in this knowledge age.

If President Buhari truly wish to fight corruption he won't need to look far. Let him collect from his party the list of donors to his campaign and start from there. All those governors who emptied their states purse to fund him are very corrupt people that should be in jail. No wonder most APC states are among the worst hit by the salary crises. Let the emergent anti-corruption agency find out how they made billions to throw into PMB's campaign. If PMB summons the balls to prosecute his own "friends" including former Governor Tinubu it will be moi moi to look accross and come after the looters of PDP tendency.

It is in this consideration that I strongly recommend that he poach Nuhu Ribadu back to APC or whatever his political platform will be called after the expected disintegration of the Tinubu constructed rickety power vehicle carrying the bad and ugly men of yesterday's PDP and their friends in former ACN and ANPP. He should also enlist the support of Atiku Abubakar who is a great young workforce recruiter. Atiku discovered El Rufai and Ribadu. If properly motivated he will help discover more talented young people to support PMB for the rest of his expected one term. He is also a bridge builder and will give a moderate face to a regime that many still fear has a hidden religious agenda that might soon manifest with attacks in the south by Boko Haram or whatever new name the army of Dan Fodio will wish to call themselves as they embark on the long planned expedition to deep the koran in the atlantic.

..........To be continued........


Posted on June, 26 2015

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