Ikpeazu: We can't go back to Babylon

By Jonathan Onumaegbu on 14/05/2018

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Soberly reflecting on present circumstances, Governor Okezie  Ikpeazu of Abia state could very well be likened to the Biblical Nehemiah performing the feat of rebuilding badly dilapidated and broken down Jerusalem (ABIA) to the admiration of all God's people and to the glory of God.Okezie Ikpeazu has broken down stereotypes and disappointed opponents with their much touted, self - professed international connections and mythical world -class business acumen and administrative wizardry. 

Ikpeazu has quashed the ridges of clannish politics.He has so spread infrastructural dividends to every part of the state that his opponents are now forced to crawl back into their shells deprived of any divisive accusations they could hold against him. 

He has broken down jinxes -- linking Areas like Arochukwu (long neglected since the days of OMENUKO) with their neighbouring communities and the state in general with solid bridges and roads built to last for centuries.Governor Ikpeazu does not thrive on whipping up sectional sentiments and setting up one clan against the other. That has not been his strategy for holding on to power. Unlike decades ago.

With his sparkling , verifiable achievements so far; his insistence on  durable/quality road network as manifest in his iron rod and cement cast road technology; his unparalleled knack for ensuring good neighbourliness among different segments of the state; his all inclusive developmental strides; His love for peace and stability, roundly assisted by his manifest belief in God Almighty,he has shown that one could be a great politician and a great achiever and still worship and reverence God devoid of any fetish allegiances to demonic deities.

Not for him the paying of tributes to modern day BAALS erroneously believed by many to provide success and sustenance to governance.It is now very obvious that had he not been clustered around with deliberately contrived judicial obstacles which grossly distracted him for two years, Abia could have by now had much better development and modernization than she presently is. Call it the triumph of a goal- driven- vision.In spite of all these, his opponents are still strategysing  on how to unseat him come 2019 and consequently drag Abia state back to stagnation. One opponent just recently relapsed to rehearsals of an old jingle, - -singing same stale ,over beaten tune of yesteryears  with its familiar, worn -out and irritating rings.

I nearly laughed my lungs out when he was quoted(days ago) as saying that Abians should vote him as governor come 2019 and that he would not earn any salary from the state as he would have no need for salaries. Chaii, we have heard this a million times in the past even from the old IMO state.

This piece of deceptive political stunt had lured some senatorial zones into absurdities in the past and the peoples experiences from that were very sour - - better witnessed than described.We don't need people who, though they have families and social and financial obligations to meet, would abandon their businesses to suffer neglect, then take up the grossly exerting and time consuming duties of Executive Governor and then tell us it is just for fun.

No please. We are not a bunch of simpletons. We will pay our leaders salaries. We won't consciously expose them to hardships in the misguided belief that their personal resources are inexhaustible. This would amount to school boy mentality. That would be laying our scarce resources open for unbridled attacks and exploitation.Okezie Ikpeazu is deservedly the rave of the moment. We can't change a winning team in the middle of the game.

These opportunistic politicians now bereft of plausible propaganda to adduce should please stand down their vaulting ambitions and give development a chance. No matter how hard they try, how besmearing their propaganda may be, they will not ,certainly cannot convince Abians now to abandon the path of progress, manifest development and modernisation now sweeping across the state and embrace their hypothetical and imaginary altruism and unattainable self - driven utopia. No.  .. First fool no be fool, second fool na proper foolish.


Posted on May, 14 2018

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