Xenophobic Attacks: Nigerians have shown more love

By Tonie Osegbo on 25/04/2018

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In this part of the world called Africa, by all records the country that have accommodated another race and non citizens in their country without any form of intimidation are Nigerians. Nigerians can fight a fellow Nigerian in the name of religion or tribe but can not fight or intimidate someone from another country in the form of anything. We respect foreigners and as well show them love.

With the continuous xenophobic attacks happening in South Africa and the most recent killing and burning of a Nigerian, Mr Clement Nwaogu from Anambra state by South African mobs in the presence of the police is an attack every black man must condemn. It is a betrayal of the black race. Sometimes, I wonder what our fore fathers, the fathers that fought for our freedom from the colonial masters, if they will ever be proud of what is happening in our generation, the killings and maiming of Africans by Africans for just no cause rather than intimidation form out jealousy and envy. It is so sad that even in this current age that such bad and sad news are coming out, it is an abominable act for such to be happening.

Nigeria and Nigerians have accommodated South Africans and their businesses. We have shown more love to others by accepting and accommodating other African countries and their businesses in Nigeria. Most booming businesses in Nigeria spanning through technology, telecommunications, digital communications/TV, e-commerce, transportation, fashion etc are owned by South Africans and we never for once intentionally or unintentionally kill anybody from South Africa in the target to intimidate, send or stop them from coming into our country for their greener pastures.

South African and other African Countries like Kenya, Ghana have their businesses flourishing in Nigeria and also sometimes given more opportunities to make more money from Nigerians yet we allowed and accommodated everybody peacefully. It is high time the South African government and its people put a total stop to the menace of Xenophobia. They have to put a total stop to the killings of Nigerians and other African immigrants in their country. We are all Africans and we shouldn't be killing ourselves out of jealousy and envy. There is a need for all call to put an end to such dreadful act, it is against what we preach among the blacks and Africans. We should treat, accept and accommodate with love.

Let love lead.

Tonie Osegbo writes from Abuja, Nigeria.


Posted on April, 25 2018

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