The problem of our reading elites appear to be comprehension and right sourcing of information.Nnenna Agbai (or whoever chose that name) premised her article on one paragraph I will quote and then explain that she actually owes the governor an apology for arriving at a wrong...

By Factnews on September, 6 2017

Nnamdi Kanu's IPOB and their methods

Of course I am not a member of IPOB but a proud Igbo man who is passionate about my people. Feel free to add that I am proud of Igbo youths and Mazi Kanu, after reading this note.Shortly.I know it is not politically correct to say...

By Factnews on August, 30 2017

The pathway to Referendum and Economic Biafra

Permit me to start this note by stating that those advocating for referendum to determine if Ndigbo can exit from the Nigerian federation are merely blowing hot air without substance, at the moment. There is no constitutional provision for a referendum in the 1999 constitution of...

By FactNews on June, 19 2017

Failure of APC is the real problem

By John Okiyi Kalu Why are folks talking about war because Nnamdi Kanu and co want referendum to determine if the majority of Ndigbo will support Biafra or a restructured Nigeria?Like it or not, Nigeria will have to CHANGE for us to make good progress. Our...

By Factnews on June, 13 2017

We are all partners in crime fighting

By John Okiyi Kalu It is good the police force no longer require hospitals and clinics to obtain permission before treating patients with bullet wounds. We can't afford to lose an innocent victim because we want to catch armed robbers and other hooligans.Yet it beats me...

By Factnews on June, 9 2017

Prof Ikechi Mgbeoji: the passionate reformer in the team

...2 years after....part 4 By John Okiyi Kalu Let me start by restating some of what those who watched the scorecard presentation of Abia State Commissioner for Education, Prof Ikechi Mgbeoji, took away from the event before delving into what I consider the real achievements of...

By Factnews on May, 31 2017

Eziuche Ubani: the human tool in the caterpillar revolution

...2 years after....Part 2  By John Okiyi Kalu When Abia State works commissioner, Hon Eziuche Ubani, made his presentation to stakeholders yesterday, detailing his achievements in the past two years, I personally wasn't interested in what he had to say. I knew, have seen and used...

By Factnews on May, 30 2017

Obinna Oriaku: a study in calm professionalism

...2 years after....Part 3 By John Okiyi Kalu It is not easy to measure performance of Commissioners whose portfolios are strictly involved in service delivery to others. You can't count number of roads done or palm seedlings grown by such commissioners. Double wahala is trying to assess...

By Factnews on May, 30 2017

Uzor Azubuike: the new agricultural revolutionary in Abia State

...2 years after....Part 1Last night we watched and listened to the commissioners in Governor Okezie Ikpeazu's administration show case their achievements to stakeholders and media practitioners at the international conference center Umuahia. Permit me to drop my personal observations on some of the cabinet members who...

By Factnews on May, 29 2017

That debate on Chinese Company making shoes at Aba is interesting - John Okiyi Kalu

I find the healthy debate on the proposed Aba shoe factory by a Chinese company very interesting and stimulating. On one side of the debate are those who applaud the vision of the Okezie Ikpeazu led administration while the other group is made up of those...

By Factnews on April, 18 2017

Was there anything new from Comey Hearing?

FBI's James Comey said yesterday that they have been investigating  Russian involvement in US polls including any ties between Trump campaign and the Russians since July 2016.Nothing new except for one small missing detail.Did that investigation include wiretapping of Trump, Trump headquarters or any Trump campaign...

By FactNews on March, 22 2017

Poor quality opposition is hurting Abia State

I am a fan of strong and well organized political opposition as a check on government and its agents. I believe that without checks from a strong opposition even the best intentioned government will lose its way within the bubble created by political power.There has always...

By Factnews on March, 20 2017

Budget implementation, failed protests and MIA President - John Okiyi Kalu

In 2016 President Buhari and APC signed a budget of N6.06t.Sources at the National Assembly confirmed that only 53% of the 2016 budget was implemented. That means only N3.21.If you look at the Jonathan budgets, which averaged N4.9t per annum, you will observe that implementation was...

By Factnews on February, 6 2017

Trump is not the problem and he will do great

If you watch CNN and other mainstream media (MSM) outlets in US and around the world you will not be mistaken to think that Americans used their votes to commit collective suicide by electing a bull in China store called Donald Trump.But that is far from...

By Factnews on January, 16 2017

Release Nnamdi Kanu NOW - John Okiyi Kalu

Anytime I watch court room videos of Nnamdi Kanu's arraignment in court I end the day sad.Are those managing this country aware of how much damage they are doing to national unity and patriotism by arraigning Nnamdi for exercising his right to free speech?How do you...

By FactNews on January, 15 2017

The truth about road construction at Aba

Even Satan will not say Governor Ikpeazu has not done many roads at Aba. So when you read our people complain or demand for road A or B to be reconstructed please understand them.    No matter how many roads a government has done I will...

By FactNews on January, 15 2017

The Supreme Court judgement that rendered Uche Ogah's case an academic distraction

Written by John Okiyi Kalu -Supreme Court already ruled on a similar issue to Uche Ogah's   I have observed the spike in Robin Hood styled social media noise against Governor Ikpeazu in the past 2 weeks and obviously know why.The Supreme Court is expected to...

By Factnews on January, 5 2017

The rising politics of we against them

Global politics has effectively turned to "we against them". While "we" represents the people, "them" stands for the political establishment who believe that the people have no mind of their own or know what is good for them. It is a fact that mainstream media (MSM)...

By Admin on November, 26 2016

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