War Criminal Escapes Justice

By Eze Eluchie on 07/10/2014

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'general' Benjamin Adesanya Maja Adekunle (June 26, 1936 - September 13, 2014)

Yet another war criminal escapes justice.

The death, by natural causes, of Nigeria’s general Benjamin Adekunle has robbed the world of yet another opportunity to test the reach of international law by bringing perpetrators of mass atrocities to justice.

This war criminals infamous quote: "I want see no Red Cross, no Caritas, no World Council of Churches, no Pope, no missionary, and no United Nations Delegation. I want to prevent even one Igbo from having even one piece to eat before their capitulation. We shoot at everything that moves and when our troops march into the center of Igbo territory, we shoot at everything, even things that don't move", concerning his despicable activities during the Biafra Genocide (1967 – 1970) and the several killings he executed would surely have sufficed to have him spend his last days behind bars.

Some more of his ilk still exist in Nigeria and elsewhere. The hands of International Justice should move at a much faster pace.

Time is fast running out.

Video of some acts carried out by Nigerian soldiers acting under the command of Benjamin Adekunle and his colleagues: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vIQwpVXLZss


Posted on October, 7 2014

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