The Synagogue Church building collapse.

By Eze Eluchie on 24/09/2014

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Mr. T. B. Joshua and his collapsed Synagogue Church building in Lagos, Nigeria.

The ground-zero and vicinity of the collapse of the Synagogue Church Guest House where over 115 people were killed is to all intents and purposes a crime scene that ought to have been protected until investigations had been concluded to ascertain if the crime committed was Murder, Homicide, Willful Damage to Property or whatever other crimes.


The fact that the collapsed building was initially a 2-storey complex which was in the process of being raised to a 6-storey edifice without the requisite building permit consents being obtained, serves to make the proprietor and owner of the said Synagogue Church and collapsed building, Mr. ('prophet') T. B. Joshua, at the very least, a person of interest, if not the prime suspect, in whatsoever crime that was committed at that venue.


The continued visitation of high-ranking political office holders to ‘commiserate’ with the principal person of interest in this crime serves to shake the confidence of the population and interested observers in the international community as to the likelihood of effective investigations and inquiry into this most sordid of preventable calamity. The non-implementation of a domestic strict liability law in Lagos State (where the building is situate) which calls for the seizure of the premises and apprehension of the owner/builder of a collapsed structure, only serve to heighten the believe that our laws are merely made for some people and totally ineffectual with politically connected persons.


Whilst President, Goodluck Jonathan, was right to have visited the venue of the building collapse during his recent visit to Lagos, there was absolutely no reason for the prime person of interest in whatsoever crime that might have been committed at that scene to have welcomed Mr. President to the premises and proceeded to conduct the President around the said crime scene.


An unfortunate development in the course of handling the Synagogue Church building collapse has been the reliance on information supplied by South African authorities (in South Africa) with regards to the number of causalities and other specifics from the unfortunate event – why for heaven’s sake could our domestic authorities and the so-called Synagogue Church not set up a transparent Crisis center where reliable information and data related to the incident could be assessed by all?


Those in charge of the various composing units of the Nigerian State should begin to realize that with advancement in technology and communication infrastructure, the world is now one community and no one can afford sloppy responses to disasters, particularly events that affect citizens from diverse countries.


Posted on September, 24 2014

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