Lessons from Scotland referendum

By Ab-Davidson Nwohonja on

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Last week in the United Kingdom, particularly in Scotland (the land of cakes) the world was treated to what seemed like one of the noblest acts of civilization.  It was the Scotland plebiscite for independence, held on Thursday, September 18, 2014.

Scotland has been part of the United Kingdom (UK) for the past 300 years. But for some time now, some politicians from there decided it was time to leave the union, and campaigned for it.

Interestingly, neither the strongmen of the UK government in London (the Westminster crew), nor any group of individuals or tribes from UK threatened them. Instead, they (in the British government) reasoned with them, the Scottish. They tried to outline and explain the importance and benefits of staying together as one country. They equally took time to explain to them, the dangers and disadvantages exiting the union, for each of the parts.

They even went as far as making promises for serious changes in the configuration of the union if they (the Scottish) would chose to remain in the union, as well as pledging concessions and greater autonomy to them.

It was under this atmosphere of understanding that the referendum was held to let the people of Scotland decide by themselves whether they wanted to remain in the union or exit from it. The referendum was a “Yes” or “No” votes – “Yes” for those who wanted to exit the union; and “No” for those who wanted to remain. A simply majority was what was needed for any of the sides to clinch it.

Today, the result is history as the Scots were reported to have elected to stay on in the union with a 55 per cent “Yes” votes and a 45 per cent “No” votes.

However, at this juncture, we must not feign ignorance of latest developments concerning the referendum. It is to be noted that there have been accusations indicating that the referendum was rigged by British authorities. Some evidences have even been provided with conspiracy theories going high at the moment.

But the fact remains that even if it is eventually proven that the referendum was indeed rigged, it would not surprise many people conversant with the antecedents of British government. After all, Britain has made history throughout the world – especially places it had ruled as an imperial power – to be a master rigging country and manipulator of peoples and governments.

Britain is said to have rigged many things all over the world, especially in Africa. In Nigeria for instance, it has already come to light that most of the ills bedeviling the country were offshoots of seeds planted by Britain. It is on record (and proven) that Britain rigged Nigeria’s first census and independence elections – all to the advantage of North Nigeria. It is also known to have introduced bribery in Nigeria and planted a culture of scotched-earth policy, which subsequent Nigerian rulers have followed like a way of life.

In addition, there are feelers that London is already reneging on the promises made prior to the polls. Reports indicated that Alex Salmond, Scotland’s first minister, who has resigned his position, has equally expressed his suspicions that David Cameron, British Prime Minister and his followers, were already developing cold feet on the promises made in heat of campaigns to dissuade the Scots from voting “yes”. One of such promises was that there would be substantial devolution of powers to the parts of the country.

Again, few people will be surprised even Cameron eventually reneges on those promises. This is because reneging on agreements and promises are also not far from Britain. For instance, the country is known to have stood fully behind Nigeria’s Yakubu Gowon, when he reneged on the Aburi accord which he duly signed in Ghana with other Nigerian military leaders prior to the Biafra/Nigeria war. During the cause of the war, the Biafrans held it as their creed, always insisting that “On Aburi we stand”.

However, away from claims of rigging; the accusations that the British Prime Minister was developing cold feet and reneging on promises, there are still lessons to be learnt from the Scottish referendum.

The first lesson to be learnt was the double-standard of the British when, specifically when it comes to their dealings with fellow Europeans as against dealings with Africans. It shows British hatred for the Africans, as well as their lack of value for African lives.

This Britain that conceded the right of freedom of expression and association to the Scottish people was the same Britain that supervised the murder of millions of Biafrans, who demanded independence from Nigeria – 1967 to 1970. Britain stood behind its Nigerian stooges; supporting them all the way (with everything at their disposal) to kill women, children, the old and the sick; to pound them with mortar, air-raids and starvation, until nothing less than 3. 5 people million people died.

No British official flinched or developed goose pimples when Nigerian rulers bombed hospitals and villages; train stations and villages; and massacred people are Asaba. No British official flinched when Gowon seized the people’s monies in the banks, and stole their pensions and gratuities.

Even today, London has continued to support the Nigeria state (and every of its new stooge that has governed country since 1970). Britain has stood by and watched Nigeria massacre Biafran youths, who did nothing than demand for an independent Biafra. It has been revealed that nothing less than 2000 young Biafran agitators have been killed by the Nigerian state since the year 2000. Yes, they have been killed for peaceful demonstrations with solidarity singing solidarity songs and displaying Biafran flags (not for carrying arms and engaging Nigeria security agents in combat).

Currently, Benjamin Onwuka, leader of Biafran Zionist movement (BZM) and his colleagues have been held incommunicado (possibly in torture chambers) for attempting to make a broadcast probably on their demands for a State of Biafra.

What the Scotland referendum has shown is that those who have heeded British advice and continue to heed it to kill Biafran nationalists should hide their faces in shame. The European, who told you to kill your fellow Africans, did not do so to their fellow Europeans when the same issue cropped up in their union. The joke is on all of you, from the living to the dead who have killed others for daring to think differently and independently.

What Britain did with Scotland have been categorised as a “civilised act of a civilised country”. But what Nigeria has been doing with Biafra, what can it be categorise as? If Britain is tagged a “civilised country”, by that very act, then Nigeria should be tagged a “terrorist state” by all its violent acts against Biafran agitators.

My take is that as we plan for our Nigerian aspirations, we must recognise and make it an offshoot of the aspirations of the peoples and sections that make up Nigeria. When you wash your clothes, you hand it on something; you do not hang it on nothing. You plant your seed on the ground to grow upwards; you do not plant it up to grow downwards.

These are natural phenomenon that should make us understand that we must not continue to kill Nigerians for sticking to their dreams and aspirations just to preserve the dreams and aspirations of imperialists. Let all concerned bear in mind that laws are made for men and not men for the laws.





Posted on September, 23 2014

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