Scottish Independence Referendum: Call for International Observer and Monitoring Team.

By Eze Eluchie on 13/09/2014

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British and Scottish flags

The right to self-determination is one of the cardinal rights which define our humanity. A people’s quality of life is inversely proportional to the quantum of this right they enjoy. The quest to actualize the right to self-determination has led various peoples to countless battles, wars and agitations for self determination. As peoples of sub-Saharan Africa and others who suffered for centuries under the yoke, of first, decimation by slave trade and then subjugation under colonization can readily testify, when a people do not have an effective voice over how their lives are governed, they are at a sub-human level and would give all to regain their humanity.

Often times, efforts at asserting the right to self-determination comes into direct conflict with the desire of others entities entwined in the union from which freedom is sought, who may either be benefiting from the existing union or view those seeking self-determination as possessions over whom a some historical right to subjugate or dominate exists. 

The ability of any people, anywhere, to eventually arrive at a point/situation when they have an opportunity to assert their right to self-determination, and decide for themselves whether to continue with an existing union or become independent, ought rightly thus be a cause for universal celebration, as it strengthens the commonality of our humanity.

It is in the light of the foregoing that the people of Scotland must be congratulated, irrespective of the eventual outcome of their Independence Referendum scheduled for the 18th of September 2014, for finally arriving at this unique opportunity to choose.  As the Scotts march out in their millions to exercise the inalienable right to self-determination, the rest of the world will rise in unison to applaud this effort at expression of self-determination by a sovereign people.

Unsavory events in the weeks leading up to the Independence Referendum has however heightened fears that desperate measures might be adopted to scuttle the desires of the Scottish people to freely decide for themselves how they want to be ruled. From explicit threats by the oil majors to frustrate access of an Independent Scotland to the vast mineral resources embedded in the North sea’s; to scaremongering tactics adopted by sundry financial institutions particularly the Bank of England and Royal Bank of Scotland forecasting economic doom for any efforts by the Scottish people to opt for independence; to threats by the subsisting British government to deny an independent Scotland access to membership of the European Union, NATO and other multi-national organizations; the throwing up of poll and survey ‘reports’ showing diametrically conflicting projected results for the referendum; crowned by the last minute visits to the highest ranking members of the British Government to influence voting in the referendum provide sufficient cause for greater international independent observation and monitoring of the Scottish Independence Referendum to ensure that the results of the Referendum are no manipulated to favor any particular sides and that it reflects the true wishes and desires of the Scottish peoples.

It is in light of the foregoing that the various international organizations which usually participate in monitoring and observing elections across the world, such as United Nations Organization, the African Union and European Union amongst others,  should as a matter of urgency, em-panel high powered teams of eminent personalities and experts to monitor and observe the Scottish Referendum. In the spirit of reciprocity of actions, a cardinal principle of international relations, the various countries in Africa and across the world where the British Government has routinely sent Observation and Monitoring teams to gauge domestic elections should also raise delegations to serve as Monitors and Observers to the Scottish Referendum. It sure will be interesting to know what the findings of a Referendum-Observer Missions from Zimbabwe, Syria or China would come up with – I would have added my own country to this list, but the rulers in Nigeria simply lack the courage to do the needful.

May the real desires of the Scottish people manifest and be upheld via the Referendum.


Posted on September, 13 2014

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