"I alone can fix it"-Donald Trump

By John Okiyi Kalu on

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When terrorists strike the West, as they have done repeatedly, Obama and others say same thing:

"Our thoughts go out ..................let us love"

Terrorists and those who support them openly or silently do not understand love. I cannot remember any terrorist that refused to terrorize because of love for non family members. Many of them actually kill for love of virgins.

The West needs a leader that will look into the camera and say "We will not rest until we have destroyed those who did this and everyone associated with them".

Until such a man emerges, Western leaders will continue reading standard pacifist lines meant to avoid provoking those who funded their elections while their people die and live in fear of the next attack.

Ultimately those who could not conquer the west in wars will do so through the source of strength of the west: money and compassion. Campaign money ensures standard compliance to pacifist scripts while compassion opens Western borders up for good refugees to come in with terrorists and potential terrorists high on overdose of toxic doctrines.

Stop asking me what Trump will do to stop terror. Ask Israel how they have survived more than 70 decades surrounded by over 300m people who were taught from childhood  to kill Israelis and go to paradise. You may also wish to consult Arab strongmen like Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, Muamar Ghaddafi, Saudi Kings etc how they managed to keep radical Islamists in check in their countries for decades.

No serious warrior lays out his war plans in public before going to war. Only in American computer games. But counter terror wars are not similar to computer war games like flying sorties to drop bombs on military barracks and assets.

In this counter terror war the enemy is an ideology subscribed to by many adherents of a false version of a religion who are continuously being indoctrinated to kill those who show them love and compassion. The enemy is supported by generous campaign donors and speech payers who tactically ensure that those who should mobilize an effective counter ideology turn to perpetual pacifists and excuse givers.

The West needs Trump to strike fear into the terrorists and their direct and indirect sponsors hiding as campaign and speech donors. Most American counter terrorism thinkers know and understand my views. Unfortunately they can't do much more than praying that Americans vote for Trump. Ask Obama's former director of intelligence why he now backs Trump.

There is a common thread that runs in the West and the terrorists in the West preparing to kill Westerners.: love for family. If the potential jihadist know that his family will suffer as a result of his action he likely won't do it. (Who remembers the Nigerian suicide bomber who refused to detonate at an IDP camp when she saw her family members?) That is also why jihadists are scared of attacking Israel: Israel will kill everyone associated with them. And it is that fear that helps Israel to identify them before they explode.

Trump for America.

You can't be doing same thing same way for so long and expect a different outcome. Most Western leaders know what they must do but cannot because their hands and conscience are tied with campaign donations and outrageous fees earned from speech making.

Trump was right when he said. "I alone can fix it"

Only the ignorant or insane will expect Hillary to stand up against radical Islamic terrorism and its support network. After collecting their money?

America and the West need somebody who can look into the camera with anger after a terror attack and say "we will kill the terrorists and their supporters/sponsors and send their family members out of our country"



Posted on July, 23 2016

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