By RAZOR GABRIELS on 18/05/2015

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On Saturday morning as I headed out for the day's activities, seated outside the house was my youngest sister; the baby of the house -Amara worriedly staring at her unwashed clothes piled up near her. She didn’t even notice I was leaving at least to say her usual bye-bye to me.

I had to tap her to enquire what she could be worried about to which she sharply responded, "I am hungry". 

On hearing that, i sighed and continued my journey, taking few steps, the big brother sentiments got a better hold on me and i called out to her teasing her with all her pet names just to try to put a smile on her hungry face and like magic, it worked! She stood up and came closer smiling and laughing all the way to me. I laughed too and cuddled her as I teased her some more and to keep all that morning hard work, I told her to prepare food for herself from the money she has been keeping for me after she had  finished washing her clothes. She thanked me with so much joy and I went on my way.

After this 120 seconds episode, I felt so satisfied with how I simply turned my sister’s mood. What thrilled me most is that I made her smile even without quelling the source of her unfriendly mood swerve; hunger! That alone set my own mood in a positive mode for the rest of the day.


Moments later, I jump into a keke (Commercial Rick Shaw), funny enough, also seated with me was a dark pretty teenage girl with a sad face. Well, everyone can attest there is nothing attractive in a frowning faced damsel so I decided to spread the happiness in me by smiling so hard and chatting up Blessing as I later got to know her name to be.

I said “Hi, what on earth will make a good looking and beautiful girl frown her face this early morning, I hope you didn’t wake up on the wrong side of your bed?" She looked at me, noticed how serious and concerned i was, she smiled and answered “No, I woke up well”. “Then, why are you frowning your face, Hunger?” i continued when she gave me that 'like seriously' look, “Well, that can’t be true, hunger can’t make you sulk, Hunger is in the stomach, it is the stomach you should be squeezing, not your face”. I joked.

She started laughing and begging me to stop the teasing. To cut the long story short, we started a friendly conversation and I ended up changing her present mood and perhaps her opinion on hunger and facial expressions. There again, I felt A Sense of Satisfaction, I am helping change people's negative mood and wrong verdict.


My first actual activity of the day was to visit someone I call mother whom I promised to visit before the weekend. By keeping to this promise, I gained her confidence as well as made she and her family feel happy and appreciated.


Done with the visit, I headed out to continue an assignment I have been doing all through the week; an assignment I was almost through with but was not personally satisfied with the work I did. Since I had access to items that will aid my job -my Canon 7D camera, I went back to add a little more effort to it and it was very rewarding as I was able to take those extra shots. That little effort gave me a soul satisfaction that boosted my morale and knowledge as well as balanced all the work I did already. What a pleasant feel to look at your handiwork and feel fulfilled.


One more stop to end my busy and soul filling day- the Studio. At the studio I met Chijioke whom I promised some freebies the previous day being Friday because he worked tirelessly with me all week even through the night.

Oh Dear God! I have a big challenge, I have almost exhausted all the money I came out with for the day and giving Chijioke the little money left with me means that I will be giving him less the money than i already planned to give him. Surprisingly, Chijioke was so overwhelmed with the little money I gave him and said it's been a while he got such an amount as a tip. That expression sent a powerful ray of satisfaction that almost overtook my either being. It also taught me  another big lesson - "that little bill in your hand is someone’s several months savings",  Also "never say the money you have is not enough to give to someone until that person says So".


My experience made me understand we can bring a whole lot of positive change to our neighbours, friends and family simply by keeping our promises,
complimenting, smiling and  embracing someone whose mood and state of wellbeing is down even when we don’t have physical food and money to offer.  No one  is too poor to give a hug just to help improve lives around us... We all can give what we have and advance other lives thereby refining our own life. That is a major function we are mandated by nature to give as far as we co-exist in the communities we found ourselves.


The beautiful things in life are very free. Nothing is too small to give to another to make him/her smile even if its for a while, a heartwarming smile is more than enough satisfaction and this simple trick can also do the magic- a simple HUG!!!


Posted on May, 18 2015

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