"Ka O puo/Mbaka Why": Matters Arising

By John Okiyi Kalu on 22/03/2015

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I love comedies because I love laughing. To find "laughter" in the things around us, good or bad,  is one of the best ways to remain sane in an increasingly insane world. So, naturally I am a fan of Uche Ogbuagu and can boast that I have listened to all his "bad condition" series and watched him perform at many events. Of course I understand the political undertone of his comedies and can enjoy the laughs without taking his political views serious. I am also a believer in apostolic prophecies (God still speaks)  though not a fan of Rev. Father Mbaka and have never really associated with anything involving him. But once in a while I get to read his pronouncements and know that he has a massive following, especially among the Catholic faithful. I watched the YouTube version of his new year message and also watched the video made by B.B.C titled "Mbaka Why". I have also listened to the part 2 of "Ka O Puo" released last week. All are good and I recommend you get them. For laughs only.

In 2011 Uche Ogbuagu and Father Mbaka combined effectively to foist Rochas on Imo people. While Uche was using his comedy platform to damage then Governor Ikedi Ohakim (Ikiri) Father Mbaka was churning out fantastic music, ministrations and prophecies at adoration ground Enugu on how Ohakim slapped an unnamed priest. The gullible masses swallowed hook line and sinker. Outcome: Ohakim was defeated and Owelle Rochas became Governor. He promptly rewarded Uche Ogbuagu with position of SA (Entertainment) and allegedly wrote a cheque to one Catholic Bishop that later bounced, according to Mbaka and Uche. What he did for Mbaka personally, I am yet to read. Uche Ogbuagu also did not tell us what he was paid in cash in 2011. It doesn't bother me and it is not why I am writing this note. Every worker deserves his professional fees ala wages.

My interest is in the fact that people believed Ogbuagu and Mbaka in 2011 and voted as advised by them. It turns out that just 4 years after, both men are shamelessly recasting and asking people to vote for another "messiah" and same people are jumping up happy and ready to do their bidding again. Permit me not to really get into the weighty allegations made against Rochas by his estranged Special Adviser in Ka O Puo 1 and 2 or even the adoration ground later day declaration by Mbaka that Ohakim never slapped any priest in 2011. Let others do the review and use as necessary. Let me focus on the politics of propaganda and shameless lies designed to prey and take captive gullible minds and their PVC power.

In Igbo land we say that uzo di nma aga ya ngala abuo (if a road is good you travel through it twice). It follows that if the road is bad or unprofitable sane people should not travel through it twice. And so I ask; why should any sane person listen to both men again? Father Mbaka prophesied against Chimaraoke Nnamani and even vowed to drop his cassock if his prophecy fails. The prophecy failed and he is still wearing the cassock. He made two different prophecies about Jonathan between November and January. One for and the other against concerning same 2015 election. And gullible people applauded without asking questions depending on whether the prohecy favored their candidate.

Prophetic Uwa Ntoooo!

In my view, the priesthood is superior to the kingship. I believe this to be Biblical and can also state that God made it that way because the spiritual should rule the physical. But the priest must not lie in the name of God. He should also separate himself from the Kingship so he can still be able to share the true word of God with the King and the people. That Father Mbaka later recanted on his "Ohakim slapped priest" propaganda makes him a liar, by self admission. It doesn't matter what new information that is available to him as long as his initial information was not from God and yet it was passed on as "message from God". God cannot lie. If you ask me, he has lost the right to make any intervention in the current race to Douglas house Owerri and indeed all Government Houses.

Similarly, the Catholic Church in Imo State have lost the right to intervene in Imo politics. They mobilized against Ohakim based on the spurious story of "Ohakim slapped a priest" and their man Rochas won. If they now have issues with Rochas bothering on bounced cheque or scattering of debate venue, let them go and sort it out privately with him. The church should not be doing yoyo with emotions of members.  The church should also check itself against excessive involvement in politics and politicking before it really begins to hurt the work of God. "Excessive", as used, includes lying, covering up lies and looking the other way because of interest and involvement in local politics. Governor Rochas is a creation of Imo Catholic hierrachy and if he has misruled, as alleged by Uche Ogbuagu, it simply means the church failed by making an unspiritual choice in 2011.

Of course that is not to condemn the Catholic Church in Imo but rather to advice against another potentially fatal involvement with Imo politics in 2015. If you are regreting making Rochas Governor you will surely also regret making whoever is on your radar governor. Political leadership is such that it will always conflict with what the Church desires as it's utopia. Don't get too involved as a Church to avoid mam makwara (had I known) for the second time. Stay neutral and visibly so. Let Rochas and his opponents slug it out as politicians seeking political power to lead/rule us.

If Uche and Mbaka/Church were wrong in 2011 about Rochas, they are likely to be wrong about him in 2015. I don't care whether they are for or against him. Allow Imo voters to choose since they followed you in 2011 and, according to you now, chose wrongly. That is my message to Mbaka, Imo Catholic leaders and Uche Ogbuagu. It is by no means an endorsement of Rochas for Governor 2015 and I am not interested in endorsing anyone in Imo. But as a PDP man I can only say vote for PDP all the way and everywhere. Yet I know that beating Rochas will not be a comedy show because of many reasons I can only state privately.

Come to think of it, what type of population makes electoral choice based on what a comedian says? Is it a literate or illiterate population? I will love to read your views but I wish to encourage our people to avoid making such choices. Governance is not a "laughing matter" and only bad candidates wishing to cover their many flaws hire comedians as publicists. The idea is to sedate you with jokes and make you forget to ask essential questions about the candidate. Don't turn your vote to a joke please.

Permit me to share a few things you should look out for in a candidate before choosing who to vote for or against.

1. Personality-Humility, ability to listen, self confidence, connection to common folks, consistency of views and personal life experience.
2. Religion: Is he in tune with his God and do you know his God? Never vote for a man who does not fear God and whose God you don't know.
3. Education: Is he properly educated to understand advice(s) given to him and be able to sieve through different information?
4. Family Life: A man who does not care about his family cannot care about you. Impossible.
5. Work Experience: Does he have the relevant experience to operate within the environment you want to vote him into?
6. Passion: Has he demonstrated passion for the people and their welfare in a manner you can readily recall from the past? Anybody can promise anything or write a beautiful manifesto but what did he do before now to demonstrate passion for the job you want to hire him for?
7. Faithfulness: Is he faithful to his friends and how does he treat his "enemies"? At some point you will be friends or enemies with the man you are voting for. How he dealt with his friends and enemies is how he will deal with you.
8. Solution to societal problems: Does his candidacy solve a problem that is bigger than him or create a bigger problem? Issues of equity, justice and fairness are bigger than any individual candidate for any office. If your vote helps to solve such a problem you will not regret casting such a vote even if the person you elected fails to deliver excellently on good governance.
9. Knowledge: Do you really know the candidate and does he know you and the people hiring him? When you don't know a candidate, comedians and false prophets help you fill the gap. When the candidate does not know the people and their real problems he hires consultants to rule by proxy.
10. Physical Energy: Governance in Nigeria requires a lot of physical energy. The era of wheel chair leaders (arm chair managers) is gone for good. You also don't want the resources of the people spent on frequent overseas medical trips.
11. Lifestyle: Check very well to know the private and public lifestyle of your would be leader. People don't change because they are Presidents and Governors rather they now have more resources to further their previous interests. If he was a gambler before he will now have more funds available for gambling. He won't stop gambling. If he was a womanizer, he now has access to more women. Decide if you will live with that or not. Don't expect him to change because you voted for him. Bill Clinton Monicared himself even as President.
12. Source of Wealth: The money the candidate is throwing around where did it come from? If he made it through "wuruwuru" he will continue making such money as your President/Governor. (The same Uche Ogbuagu is now crying against Rochas not taking salary/security votes and yet another candidate in a neighboring state is promising not to take salary with Ogbuagu's backing). Also remember, if a candidate spends N100b to win he must recover it and add more. It doesn't matter if it is his own or given to him. He must recover his investment and make profit. The more a candidate spends to get to power the more worried you should be.

When you know all these, no amount of comedy (ka o puo or ka o bata) will influence your choice. No compromised priest will manipulate/confuse you and you will never regret your choice. It is your choice and not that of consultants, publicists and propaganda experts.

O gwulam na onu.
Kam puo ga chowa vote for Dr Okezie Ikpeazu and President Jonathan.

JOK 21/3/15


Posted on March, 22 2015

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